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Support the Ministry of St. Elisabeth Convent

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Belorussian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate

Saint Elisabeth Convent was founded in 1999 in Minsk, Belarus and was named in honour of Holy Martyr Grand Princess Saint Elisabeth. The sisters of Saint Elisabeth Convent have been rendering spiritual, social and financial assistance to the sick and the suffering at the National Psychiatric Clinic, the boarding home for children with special needs, the boarding home for mentally challenged adults, the rehab centre for drug and alcohol addicts, the municipal hospital and tuberculosis clinic for more than 15 years.

There are over 2,000 patients in 37 units of the National Psychiatric Clinic. Our sisters regularly visit these hospital units acknowledging the importance of giving these sick people spiritual support and consolation. There are 125 young patients in the boarding home for children with special needs who require constant care. Sisters help them with medicines, hygiene kits, wheelchairs, computers and food. They make embroidery and handicrafts, draw pictures together with the children and take care of bedridden patients.

St Elisabeth Convent runs a rehab centre men including the homeless, drug and alcohol addicts, ex-prisoners and those who are unable to live in society. Over 170 residents live there today.

The convent also runs a female rehabilitation facility which was established in 2012. Women released from jail, the homeless and mentally challenged stay there. Today there are 20 women and one toddler at this farmstead. They perform various tasks depending on the strength and ability of each woman: they work in the kitchen, in the field, take care of domestic animals and make handicrafts.

The Community of St Elisabeth is also in the process of constructing of a new wooden church in honour of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco currently being built on the premises of National Psychiatric Clinic. The church is important to those who undergo treatment in the psychiatric hospital. As soon as the church is finished the divine services will be held on a regular basis and the patients of the hospital will be able to confess and take communion.

To support and develop the above ministries, more than twenty workshops and studios operate within the frameworks of the convent. Among them are an icon-painting workshop, ceramics workshop, sewing and gold embroidery workshops, icon setting, and mosaic workshop, wood-carving and non-ferrous workshops, candle workshop and a publishing house. The sisters and those who work in St Elisabeth Convent produce beautiful articles with love and prayer in the convent’s workshops.

Anyone willing to support the ministry of St Elisabeth Convent could do so by making a donation:

“Priorbank” JSC Banking Services Centre 101 Minsk, 65A, Timiryazeva Str. Minsk, Belarus, 220035
USD: IBAN: 3135003945542 SWIFT: PJCBBY2X

Benef: Religious Organization “St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk The Belarusian Orthodox Church”, UNN 600684609, 3, Marusinsky lane, Minsk, Belarus 220053
Reference: charitable endowment


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