Welcome to the portal of the Center for Orthodox Studies(COS), an autonomous center under the auspicious of the Dept. of Church Research and Studies of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (OCP) Society. The major aim of COS is to act as an apex body to monitor various research and learning projects and programs as well as to act as a center of learning and development.

The portal (formerly OCRC – Orthodox Christian Resource Center) was launched in 2007 alongside the OCP portal. OCRC acted as a platform for ‘Orthodox apologetic’ learning and space to access Orthodox Christian documents. In the month of August 2018, the OCP Executive Council decided to transform OCRC to COS.

Center for Orthodox Studies (COS) is an autonomous learning and research center constituted of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society. OCP projects, research programs, learning entities are under the care of the Center for Orthodox Studies (COS).

COS is supported and monitored by the Department of Church Research and Studies of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society. COS has its own structure and governing board appointed with the approval of the Executive Council of OCP Society. Projects under the care of COS has its own administrative structure.

COS aims at promoting quality research and learning programs. We also focus on areas that are less explored and we also provide opportunities for independent researchers, readers, and scholars to publish their works.

COS Objectives

Major Objectives of the Center for Orthodox Studies are:

To act in line with the Dept. of Church Research & Studies of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE as well to act as an apex monitoring body for various research projects.
To act as a learning center to publish and promote quality research.
To promote Interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinary research initiatives 
To publish independent research and learning materials.
To promote novel ideas in different areas of research.
To support and promote independent researchers and scholars.
To support Orthodox Christian learning with an emphasis on strong and constructive research methods.
To act as a bridge between various research and learning entities.
To provide research and learning materials for pastoral care and enrichment.
To promote and publish academic and non-academic research and study materials.
To cooperate with similar organizations for the benefit of Orthodox Christian research and studies.

Areas of Research

The Centr for Orthodox Studies (COS) involves and supports diverse research and learning projects. The research areas are selected in line with the Pan-Orthodox Unity Mission of the OCP Society. However, research areas are not limited to the mission of the OCP Society and cover a wide area of topics. The major areas of research are as follows:

Western Rite Orthodoxy (via MARP)
Pan-Orthodox Unity
Eastern Orthodox Studies
Orthodox Theology
Orthodoxy and Ecumenism
Christian Cultural Studies
Inter-faith Studies
Christian History
Christianity in the Indian Sub-Continent
Contemporary Issues
Contemporary Orthodoxy
Orthodox Apologetic’s
Study of Religion
Philosophy & Religion
Sociological and Anthropological studies
Gender in Orthodox Christianity


COS collaborates with researchers, scholars, churches, and various institutions. Collaborations are organized in two ways –  Direct cooperation between COS and various institutions, as well as between COS projects and external organizations.

The Research Board of Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project (MARP) which is a premium project under COS collaborates extensively with the below Churches and their concerned departments.

The Christian Catholic Church – Canada
The British Orthodox Patriarchate -UK