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Kindly Support the Orthodox Christian Orphanage of Kenya

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We bring to light, the unselfish work performed by Father Mark Mwangi & his wife Presbytera Alice Mwangi of Illacit, Kenya. Alone & under poverished conditions they are assisting over 60 orthodox orphaned children in obtaining shelter, healthcare needs, nutrition, education & fulfilling their spiritual needs.

Please take a moment to read the article to see more of the great work that these two Godly servants are doing to help the people of their community.

We invite you to join them in their labor of love.

Saint Philothea Project, a philanthropic nonprofit organization, is collecting contributions & organizing a mission trip to Kenya to assist them in obtaining an education, food & healthcare as well as other basic needs.

Contributions can be made securely & directly through the fundraiser site we have set up. $5 buys 3kg of food & $60 puts a child in school for 1 year. Please give what you can.

Kindly visit the below to make your valuable donations!!!

We THANK YOU for your love and support!


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