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Help The Indonesian Orthodox Mission (Ecumenical Patriarcate)

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The Indonesian Orthodox Mission (Ecumenical Patriarchate) Request your help

The Indonesian Orthodox Mission Under the Ecumenical Patriarchate Request Your Help. They require financial help in printing and publishing books in the native Indonesian language and for other missionary activities . Make your big and small donations to help Orthodoxy survive in Indonesia. They have been requesting help at many doors but did not receive adequate response.

Make your valuable donation, does not matter how small it is!

You may find more details about the Indonesian Orthodox Mission and its Work here.

Orthodox Center Surabaya Foundation
| Orthodox Center Surabaya Blog | Father Yohanes Bambang on Facebook

Read an Article on Philanthropy Of St.Nikolaos, Greek Orthodox Church of Indonesia

Kindly contact Father Yohanes to make a visit to the Indonesian Orthodox Centre

Make Your Donations to

Father Yohanes Bambang
Bank Account: Bambang cahyo Wicaksono, Bank Central Asia,
Account number 0501514143,
Address : Jln Cokroaminoto – Mojokerto – Jawatimur- Indonesia
Phone number : + 62 – 321-328498

St. Nikoaos Indonesian Orthodox Church at Surabaya – East Java – Indonesia


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