Zociste Monastery and cemetary Endangered

Serbian Church

Execution of the works in a special safety area below the Zociste monastery the authorities of the Orahovac municipality undermined and partially damaged the Orthodox cemetery and directly threaten the Zociste monastery and the monastery complex, KIM Radio has found out.

One of the most significant holy places of this area which is located on a hill above the dig out place and the execution of works, so the urgent reaction is needed because a mudslide could form, which was in past because of this problems several times was repaired and protected.

Despite the fact that the monastery is in a special protected area of ​​the property fenced with barbed wire which was set up by the KFOR , the Albanian company that performs works in some places by several feet entered the property and took the land owned by the monastery, but the road did not endanger adjacent property owned Albanians from the village of Zociste.

Without consultation with the Diocese of Raska-Prizren and the management of the monastery of Zociste the Albanian authorities do construction works on the property owned by the Zociste monastery which according to the international guarantees and local laws has its protected zone within it is impossible to do any construction work or to change the existing situation.

“The Monastery of Zociste is seriously endangered. The municipality of Orahovac does the contraversial works without any consent of the monastery of the Diocese and not just within the special protected zone which is protected by international guarantees and local laws, but on the monastery compound itself. The works are continued even besides the protest of the monastery and the office of the European Union in Kosovo. We are deeply concerned because of this procedure because we cannot understand how the municipality can do against the local laws and the international principles”, Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren said for the KIM Radio.

KIM Radio