‘We don’t need to learn the religion from you’ – PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia to UAE Crown Prince




OCP News Service – 8/3/18

Addis Ababa -Ethiopia: Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia recently stated that he rejected an offer from Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi to construct an Islamic Center in Ads Ababa.

It was reported that Mohammed Bin Zayed told the Ethiopian PM that “We will help you with many things. We will teach you.,” In his response, the Ethiopian PM replied to bin Zayed that “We don’t need to learn the religion from you. You’ve lost the religion. What we need is to learn Arabic quickly, so we could better understand the religion and teach it to you, and return you to it,”.

‘You have lost the religion’ added the Ethiopian PM pointing on the going conflicts in the Middle East.

Ethiopia Respond to UAE  on the Peace Deal with Eritrea 
The Ethiopian Government is not happy with the attempt of Emirates to capitalize on the historic peace deal with Eritrea. The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry stated that peace was achieved without the negotiation of a third party.

OCP News Service