“We bear the responsibility of a watchman” – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán´s Speech on Christian Persecution



Manfred K. Böhm -OCP News Service – 14/10/17

Full Text of the Speech here:

Rüsselsheim – Germany : At a meeting on the International Consultation on Christian Persecution at Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary delivered a speech in which he called on all Christians to preserve and protect the persecuted Christian communities. “We bear the responsibility of a watchman”, he said. He was referring to the book of Ezekiel, where we read that the watchman had to make an account before the Lord for the dead, who were killed because he saw the approaching enemy, but did not ally.

Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

“It is a fact that 215 million Christians in 108 countries around the world are suffering some form of persecution. Even in Europe, there is Christian persecution, which works with sophistic and refined methods, but cannot be compared with the brutal physical persecution that Christian brothers and sisters in Africa and the Middle East has to endure. Today’s Christian persecution is foreshadowing a global process. The world should understand that the forced expulsion of Christian communities and tragedies of families and children living in some parts of the Middle East and Africa have a wider significance: in fact they threaten our European values. The world should understand that what is at stake today is nothing less than the future of the European way of life, and of our identity.”
The greatest danger today is the indifference and apathetic silence of a Europe which denies the Christian roots. Instead, the forcefully enforced immigration policy would bring dangerous extremists into the territory of the European Union.

Hungary took the voice for persecuted Christians. It tries to support the churches of the persecuted communities directly and is also working to improve the situation for Christians in the crisis countries such as Syria, Iraq and Nigeria, so that these Christians can return to the homes of their ancestors.

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