Watch Webinar on “War Violence and Domestic Violence in Tigray- Ethiopia” by Dr Romina Istratii

War violence and domestic violence: Understanding the relationship and linkages with forced migration and religious beliefs from Project dldl/ድልድል on Vimeo.

OCP News Service – 26/2/21

SOAS-UK: Project dldl/ድልድል led by Dr Romina Istratii at SOAS delivered a webinar on war violence and domestic violence to inform humanitarian responses in Tigray, Ethiopia

The webinar aimed to identify the evidence on the relationship between political violence and domestic violence, with a particular interest in identifying intersections with religio-cultural parameters. It explored sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in forced migration, as long-term consequences of political violence, proposing a continuum of vulnerabilities across the forced migrant journeys that require religio-culturally sensitive, evidence-based and integrated humanitarian responses.

Dr Istratii also provided specific suggestions on how the evidence can inform humanitarian responses to conflict-affected communities and refugees in Tigray, proposing that “Ethiopia’s National Refugee Strategy to address SGBV offers helpful starting points, but needs to be adapted to the regional context and integrate the insights of this review.”

The webinar will be followed by a working paper, which will present the findings of the evidence review conducted by the project team.

Dr Romina Istratii serves as the Associate Researcher Editor at the Center for Orthodox Studies (COS), an autonomous entity of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (OCP) Society. Donn George Varghese, head of Internationals relations of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE took part in the seminar.

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