Wall Street Magazine: “Can Serbs determine the Course of the American Election?”



Snezana Dimitrijevic – 28.Jun NGO – 21/10/2020

Wall Street Magazine’s cover story talks about the 750,000 Serbian-Americans in the United States who live in a number of key battleground states, including Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania and how their votes could prove pivotal in this close election.

English Link: https://wsimag.com/economy-and-politics/63823-can-serbs-determine-the-course-of-the-american-election

Srpski Link: https://www.kurir.rs/vesti/politika/3552113/srbi-odlucuju-tok-izbora-u-sad-naslovna-strana-vol-strita-ostavila-sve-bez-teksta-srbi-ne-zaboravljaju-sve-o-bajdenu-i-bombama

The article brings up many issues including Biden’s enthusiastic support of the 1999 NATO aggression against Serbia, stating it was “in breach of UN Charter and could be “the reason for high rates of leukaemia in the region today” due to use of depleted uranium. Kosovo and Metohija is described as Serbia’s “renegade province” and America’s previously warm relationship with Serbia is mentioned as the two nations were allied in both world wars, and were so close, that at one point, Serbia’s flag flew over the White House.

Several members of the UN-partnered humanitarian organization ‘28. Jun‘ are interviewed about their work in the region. Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ana Petronijevic, who is pictured in Belgrade with Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, is quoted as saying that sentiments surrounding Kosovo “could guide the votes of many Serbs at the polls.” 28. Jun President, Filip Filipi’s statement, also references Kosovo saying; “Serbian-Americans vividly remember the 1999 bombing of their homeland and the unsanctioned aggression favored by establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle, including at the time, Joe Biden.”

The piece touches on the recent talks between Serbia and Kosovo, brokered by Mr. Trump at the White House, which pledged to protect freedom of religion and religious sites in the disputed territory. The talks are described as being of “great importance to Serbian Americans” who are concerned by the “plundering of their religious places and desecration of Orthodox Christian cemeteries.”

The article can be seen as a boost for Trump from the Serbian community during a critical time and rare pro-Serbian story published on a major English language portal.