Virtual trip with

The Polish Orthodox Church – October 2014
Katarzyna Jaworowska

Grass is always greener, get to know yours! A new project „Puszcza Knyszyńska – Szlakiem Prawosławia” („Puszcza Knyszyńska- route of Orthodox”) starts! This is a virtual trip on a, on which you can see 28 churches from LGD* Puszcza Knyszyńska area.
Orthodox churches were always a special architectural element of particular regions. Built often  many years, are a proof of tradition, history, culture, and first of all faith of residents of this area. We care to show this heritage for the largest audience. That’s why, thanks to donation from LGD*, we have created the website, on which we presented panoramas of orthodox churches and chapels from this area. Everybody who is interested can see these orthodox churches outside or inside. Additionally they can enrich their trip with knowledge about this buildings.
In this project many people were involved, especially Sławomir Szeremeta who made panoramas and was coordinating this project. The authors of the texts about parishes are Elżbieta and Andrzej Danieluk, and Katarzyna Klebus-Micewicz  prepared the translations. Jan Smyk took care of music.
This project is aimed for residents of the region, as well for people from outside, who will be able to see orthodox churches from Podlaskie area. We invite everybody to visit the website. We are also waiting for any comments and suggestions.
The European Agricultural Fund for Rural thing. Europe investing in rural areas. Operation “Knyszyńska – Trail of Orthodoxy” – is co-financed by the European Union under Axis 4 LEADER of the RDP 2007-2013.
LGD- Lokalna Grupa Działania (Local Action Group)