Vatican ‘Fully Expels’ Indian Nun Who Protested Against Rape Accused Bishop 

Sister Lucy Kalappurakkal. Pic -

Sister Lucy Kalappurakkal. Pic –

OCP News Service – 20/6/21

Kerala-India: The Vatican has ‘fully dismissed’ Sister Lucy Kalappurakkal, (an ex-nun who protested against Bishop Franco Mulakkal for raping a nun) from the Roman Catholic Church. Sister Lucy received the final rejection from the Vatican in response to the third appeal filed to revoke her dismissal from the Franciscan Clarist Congregation. She was dismissed on ‘disciplinary grounds’, according to the letter from the Vatican authorities. She was earlier dismissed in 2019 in response to her support for the abused nun.

Sister Lucy has been at the forefront of raising her voice against the atrocities committed against nuns, and abuse of power by the Patriarchy in the Roman Catholic Church.

Sister Lucy has stated several times that “justice is being denied because she (the abused nun) spoke the truth”. However, she also commented that she will continue to fight for justice and will tell the truth to the world. Regardless of the actions of the Church, Sister Lucy is been receiving great support from the Kerala public community.

OCP News Service