Urgent Call for Fasting & Prayer for God’s Own Country – Kerala

Rev Fr. Alexander Kurien

Rev Fr. Alexander Kurien

Rev Fr. Alexander Kurien (Executive Director of the American Federal Real Properties Council (FRPC) – OCP News Service – 16/8/18

Donations are accepted through the Kerala Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund Account:

Calling Everyone for a Day of Fasting and Prayer on *17 August 2018 Friday*. Fast the entire day by having only one meal and offer it up for the rains to completely stop in Kerala! If you cannot fast by eating only one meal, fast from at least one meal. If you are sick or have health issues, fast by giving up something you like, like meat or sweets or coffee! Just do something for our beloved Kerala that is slowly sinking in water. This catastrophe impact 38 plus million people living in Kerala, my home State where I grew up until 16 years of age.

Catholicos Baselios Paulose II & Catholicos Abune Thomas I Appeals for Kerala Flood Victims

We need to do this together as a mighty nation! Throughout the history of the Bible, whenever a nation came together to fast and pray and repent, God immediately had mercy on the nation and prevented the forthcoming punishment or averted the disaster.

In Jonah 3:5-9, the people of Nineveh humbled themselves, they proclaimed a fast in their entire nation, man and beast neither ate or drank and *something amazing happened.* God saw that the country had repented and He completely stopped the punishment that He wanted to bring onto the nation (Jonah 3:10).

When Elijah fasted and prayed, it stopped the rains and created a drought. When he fasted and prayed again, it started heavy rains! We need that kind of faith that Elijah had to stop the rains in our beloved Kerala.

Please do not ignore this universal call to fast and pray on 17 August 2018 Friday. You can *avert this national disaster*. You have a choice to humble yourself before the Lord and save a country and millions of people or you can choose to ignore thinking you are not capable of fasting and watch a nation being destroyed in front of your very eyes.

Whether you are from Kerala or not, whether you are a Christian or not, Rise up and unite to pray together for this country of Kerala which is in distress by fasting together as one people on 17 August 2018 Friday.

Please do not take this lightly and do not ignore this call to fast. What’s happening in Kerala today can happen to us tomorrow! Those people stuck in the flood or in danger of sinking in flood-waters could be our parents, our children or our families.

So let’s unite together and bring about the biggest miracle in the history of mankind, a sudden stop to all rains in Kerala and the quick draining away of all the dangerous flood-waters! Let us show that we are still humans and we care about the people in danger and who are dying Everyday in Kerala today.

Forward this message to as many people, we need the world to fast together tomorrow and pray as one people for God to stop the rains in Kerala immediately!! Let’s watch the miracle unfold tomorrow when we decide to take action and fast as one united people! God WILL bless you and your family for your trust in His Power!!!

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