UOC Metropolitan: A harmful copy of Orthodoxy is created before our eyes

UOJ – 1/12/2020

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) declared that pan-Orthodox unity no longer exists.

The Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), in an article published on Vesti.ua website, shared his assessment of the events that took place in Cyprus, when the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus recognized the OCU.

Vladyka stated that “pan-Orthodox unity no longer exists,” its place having been taken by the one-man power thirst, which takes no heed of anything. It leads to the creation of “an inferior and harmful copy of world Orthodoxy,” with even more Local Orthodox Churches being drawn into the funnel.

“In this parallel system, such aspects as the perversion of the canons, legalization of schismatics, concelebration with persons who do not have valid ordinations, and the violation of the conciliar format of church government are considered natural and normal. Everything that until quite recently seemed inconceivable and impossible becomes a regular thing,” says Vladyka.

The UOC Chancellor is not sure that the adherents of the new world simulacrum will have enough determination to resist “further emasculation of Orthodox ecclesiology” and other global trends, in particular, support for LGBT people.

“That is why the essence of the current crisis can be boiled down to the struggle of those who want to create their own, convenient and customized version of Orthodoxy with those who wish to remain faithful to Orthodoxy. Every clergyman and every believer in any Orthodox Church should understand this and based on this understanding, make their choice – whether to remain among the faithful to God or to compromise with their conscience to become part of the simulacrum of Orthodox faith,” concluded Metropolitan Anthony.

As the UOJ previously reported, the Cypriot Metropolitan stated the beginning of overthrow of the Synodal regime of the Church.