University Students Demand the Demolition of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Pristina

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OCP News Service – 15/6/21

Pristina-Kosovo: A group of students from Pristina University protested against the serving of Divine Liturgy in the unfinished Serbian Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior in Pristina (located in the University Campus). The group stated that serving Liturgy was nothing but a provocation inside the University campus. On the 10th of June 2021, Serbian Orthodox Bishop Theodosius of Pristina (Kosovo) celebrated the first Divine Liturgy in the Church since 1998.

The student groups urged the authorities to remove the building from the University premises or to convert it into a museum. The University also issued a press statement in which the authorities expressed grave concern regarding the new developments inside the Church. They also assured that all necessary steps will be taken to remove the Church building from the campus.

Church of Christ the Savior is an unfinished Serbian Orthodox Church (construction began in 1992)  in Pristina. Its completion was affected by the Kosovo War.

OCP News Service