Ukrainian Orthodox Church representative accuses Ukrainian media, authorities of inciting Donbas conflict

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Interfax-Religion – 24/2/15

The chief spokesperson for the Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church has accused Ukrainian officials and media outlets of inciting the fratricidal conflict.

“Over the long months of this terrible war, has anyone heard rulers or belligerent propagandists say at least one word in the name of brotherhood, mercy or humanism towards their opponents? Or is it really that our government, our media, taking delight in sowing malice, have no more Christians capable of heeding the voice of the Christ’s Church, its position?” Vasily Anisimov wrote in an article posted on the Interfax-Religion website.

Pope Francis declared the hostilities in Donbas “horrendous fratricidal violence,” he recalled.

What is surprising is not that the Orthodox and Catholic Churches are unanimous in their view on the misfortune that has hit Ukraine, “but the fact that this position is cardinally different from the official Ukrainian propaganda,” Anisimov said.

“I wonder what action will our government take with respect to the Pope over his obvious anti-government activity? Will it ban the broadcast of his sermons, cut out any mentioning of him in films or television programs? Might it ban him from the country, like it did Kobzon or Okhlobystin? Or might it put him on the international wanted list?” he said.