Ukrainian Greek Catholics Publish Anti-Christian Hit List

0d8564daf5d25ae941960b143d64640cRF Staff – 30/10/17

The Neo-Nazi Greek Catholics “Uniates” in Ukraine have published a list of church buildings belonging to other Churches which must be “returned” to them.

The Main Stream Media never covers the Neo-Nazi infestation plaguing post-Maidan Ukraine. A fact westerners are unaware of, is how prevalent the Neo-Nazi ideology is amongst western Uniates (Greek Catholics).

Sadly, Ukraine is not only home to Neo-Nazis, but has been home to the original Nazis themselves.

In WW2, a special “Galician” battalion of the Waffen SS fought with the Nazi’s in WW2; its members and Uniate leader Stepan Bandera are now lionized as national hero in Ukraine.

WW1 Ukrainian Priest, Murdered by Austrian Catholics, Made a Saint by Russia

Nazi's marching with a Stepan Bandera picture flanked by schismatic Priests

Nazi’s marching with a Stepan Bandera picture flanked by schismatic Priests

Now the Uniates have launched one of their most brazen attacks yet.

The Union of Orthodox Journalists reports:

Chaplain of the UGCC (Uniates) Michael Zabandzhala compiled and published a list of temples within the borders of the Ternopil-Zboriv diocese which do not belong to the Uniates yet.

The chaplain noted that “110 temples have not been returned“.

The list includes buildings of the two schismatic Orthodox Churches in Ukraine, in addition to churches that belong to the legitimate Ukrainian Orthodox Church .

At the present time, representatives of the UGCC (Uniates) have seized and continue to forcibly retain the Annunciation Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kolomyia.

This video (in Ukrainian) shows parishioners being abused and insulted by the Uniates:

This is just another example of how completely divided Ukraine is, and how it has less to do with Russians v.s. Ukrainians, and more to do with Ukrainians v.s. Ukrainians.

In this photo, a Greek Catholic Priest officiates a Nazi memorial service.

In this photo, a Greek Catholic Priest officiates a Nazi memorial service.

The Uniate Extremists are attacking even one of the most Russian-hating organizations in Ukraine, the so called “Kiev Patriarchate”, who for all intents and purposes, sympathize with the Neo-Nazi cause.

Their attacks against other Ukrainian nationalists such as members of the so called “Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalous Church” prove that the only thing uniting Ukrainian Nationalists today is hate…hate for Russia…and even each other.

Lists such as these being made are no less than hit lists intended to intimidate believers and by blatantly standing who they intend to target next. In June, a Church in Kolomia stolen by Uniates who have also recently violently attacked believers.

These events have shown that even as the Ukrainian Court ruled in favor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and recognized the seizure as illegal, authorities have done little to stop the Uniates.

Ukrainian Orthodox Christians are being violently driven from their homes, and the Mainstream Media is silent.