Twenty Six Children Baptized into the Mayan Orthodox Church in Guatemala

Jesse Brandow: Missionary to Guatemala and Mexico – 23/1/2019

As part of the ongoing missionary works, 26 new kids were baptized into the Mayan Orthodox Chruch in Guatemala.

The Mayan Orthodox are a group of several thousand Guatemalans and Mexicans who came into the Orthodox Church in 2010 under the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Mexico. They are called “Mayan” Orthodox because the majority of the converts (but not all) are descendants of the ancient Mayan groups who lived in Central America long before Europeans arrived. Speaking about the Mayans might seem like ancient history, but there are still millions of Mayan people who live in Central America and speak their native, Mayan languages to this day. Now, a huge group of those Mayans has entered the Orthodox Church.