Thousands of EOTC worshipers festive in London with spiritual Events

Tamiru Geda – Newsdire

Thousands of Members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church,EOTC, gathered in London ,to attend and celebrate annual spiritual conference and event respectively that took place between 16 to 18, July,2010 . EOTC in Sweden are elected to host the next spiritual conference.

The thirteenth European EOTC gospel conference held at the Debre Genet Holy Trinity Church preached by famous and inspirational gospels’ preachers ,who came from Ethiopia, America, Italy, France, Sweden and the like .It is said that all participants rejoiced through out its programs. Fortunately, the Conference coincides with the annual festive of Kidduse Selassie .According to the Holy Bible , it is where the greater Abraham hosts three peoples in his tent .That event believed where God expressed him self to Abraham as Trinity : God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Sprit .

.After the mass service, the Covent (Tabbott ) was taken out side the church. It was accompanied by Priests, Deacons , Spiritual singers and Mayor of Islington Borough and by more than three thousand Ethiopians who wear traditional and colorful Clothes. .Though all roads , around the Church, were closed from traffic ,for about one hour, several drivers showed their respect to the Ethiopians .Some local residents also joined the crowed , by taking pictures ,clapping and cheering .Among them was Mouna Hamitouche, Mayor of the London Borough of Islington, who spoken her gratitude for the EOTC and its worshipers .Mouna said:” I am privileg

In an exclusive interview with this writer and Lucy Radio, the latter is Leeds – based Ethiopian community radio ,His Grace Abune Enthons, Archbishop of ETOC in North Western Europe, appreciated the warm welcome and good relationship made by and with the host communities. He said it is vital for the church to deal its routine spiritual work, peacefully . He also urged all Ethiopian spiritual leaders to narrow their differences instead to work together . “I’m grateful to see more than three thousand Ethiopians here , celebrating our festive and listening the gospels. We should be concerned about our faith and our people as well .”Abune Enthons said

Likee Teguhanne Getu, Yehuwaleshit , one of the founding members of the conference with in Europe, said if there is unity and solidarity among Ethiopians a lot could be done. ”We started the conference just with some friends .we had no written documents or paper work. We just left every thing for the Holy Spirit, to full fill our ambition .Now you could be an eye witness that how we are surrounded with thousands of EOC’s worshipers. I’m happy to be here and to see my own people who gathered here for common cause .”

Abba Gebre Kidane Ejigu , gospel preacher from America , also impressed with the whole event and the mass. He plans to do something similar in the US ,when he returns to his church located in , Las Vegas. He said: We have large number of Ethiopian communities in different parts of America .I wish if we could organize similar conference there. “Deacon Berhanu Admassie , who came from Addis Ababa to preach . gospel also expressed his impression about the number of worshipers ,who spent more than 13 hours with him. Memihere Tebebe Selassie, one of the preachers from Debre Genet Holy Trinity Church , London based, revealed how Ethiopians are not poor in Faith ,but in Technology. He also mentioned about the role of the EOTC to intervene in tackling social and economical problems .

Welette Maryam, from Oslo ,Norway, said she spent memorable time with her Christian friends in London and has gained important things for her soul. She also thanks for Londoners, who provided her free shelter for the past three days . It is said more than 100 members of the EOC in London made similar contribution , to host their Christian brothers and sisters , who came from different parts of Europe . The organizers thanked all worshipers for their support . Ethiopian (The New Sprit of Africa) has also got special blessed for its keen interest to offer a return ticket for any lucky Tombola’s winner that would be disclosed on August 22,2010.A six week long gospels’ program (July 19 2010 –August 22,2010 ) has already started in different parts of England namely Birmingham, New Castle Manchester, Stoke on Trent . London hosts this conference for the Second time. Five years ago, St. Virgin Mary Church organized similar spiritual conference.