The WWII Massacre of Serbia Spark Controversy in Montenegro

Pic by Park Prirode Piva, FB,

Pic by Park Prirode Piva, FB,

OCP News Service – 4/8/21

Montenegro – The resolution proposed in the Parliament of Montenegro to recognise two WWII era massacres of Serbs by the Nazis as ‘genocide’ has sparked controversy in the country, reports Balkan Insight. Criticisers fear that such a move is used to play political games and appease the Serbian community in Montenegro. Over 500 civilians were killed by the Nazi SS on 7th June 1943 in the Piva region of Montenegro.

However, the local Serbs erected a monument in 2017 and the victims of the massacre were declared martyrs by the Serbian Church. Moreover, the Serbian Metropolitan Joanikije have harshly criticized the Montenegrian government for ignoring the case of the massacre for several decades. The Church has been calling the government to declare a memorial day for the Piva Martyrs.

Earlier a memorial complex was built by the Yugoslav govt in 1977. An Orthodox Church was constructed in 2004. Now it is up to the Parliament to decide the fate of the proposal.

OCP News Service