The Ukrainian Church Primate’s secretary manipulates him, the Orthodox activist says

Moscow, January 26, Interfax – Metropolitan Vladimir’s of Kiev and Ukraine secretary Archbishop Alexander uses his illness in his own interests, head of the Ukrainian Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods Valentin Lukiyanik believes.

“His Beatitude, in fact, is the subject of Archbishop Alexander’s manipulations. The sick person is used for someone’s purposes and the only purpose is not to hold a session of the UOC Synod on January 26,” Lukiyanik told Interfax-Religion on Thursday.

According to him, Archbishop Alexander profits from preserving the existing state of things in the Church.

“This rather young man who enjoyed benefits of power given to him by His Beatitude had influence on many hierarchs and priests. Today when His Beatitude in fact doesn’t rule he is also deprived of levers of power. If even a half year ago everyone fulfilled the decisions he voiced on behalf of His Beatitude, today his status is decreased to an ordinary bishop-secretary,” the interviewee of the agency said.

For this reason, he further said, “the information about real condition of His Beatitude is hushed up,” while in fact Metropolitan Vladimir is in such a state that he neither can celebrate full divine services nor administer the Church, Lukiyanik believes.

“No one depreciates His Beatitude’s merits and significance. It’s good if he recovers, but if not someone should administer the Church. According to the statute and canons its the eldest on ordination – Metropolitan Agafangel of Odessa and Ismail,” he said.

According to the Orthodox official, Archbishop Alexander tries to avoid this situation as he he wishes to preserve his influential positions.”