The tonsure of a Little Schema in Wojnowo Monastery

Polish Orthodox Church

March 30, 2009 the novice Margaryta was tonsured by archbishop of Białystok and Gdańsk Jakub and took name Maria.

In the ceremony of a Little Schema the plight of obedience, life in fast and prayer, virtue and poverty till “the last breath” is being made in front of bishop and invisible standing Christ.

The archbishop Jakub wished sister Maria God’s help in a new monastic life. He reminded that life of a monk is alone but he also lives a different existence than the rest of the society. The archbishop thanked sister Maria for a fruitful efforts in her motherhood, as her daughter is also a nun in Wojnowo.

The mother superior of the monastery is ihumenia Agnia. There are five nuns and a two novices in the monastery.