The Third Volume of the Book “Words of Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria” Published

OCP News Service – 22/01/21

Sofia-Bulgaria: On the occasion of the name day of the Patriarch Neophyte, the third volume of the book titled “Words of Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria” was published in the Bulgarian Language. The book was published by the Metropolis of Sofia, which also published the two previous volumes.

The books consist of various quotes, messages, and official sermons of Patriarch Neophyte. The three volumes are also available in a special gift box. The books can be purchased from the office of the Sofia Metropolis. Contact: Mr. Kolyo LozanovSofia, 7 Kaloyan Str., 1st floor, room 7, tel .: 02/987 74 89, 0879 259 293.

OCP News Service