The State of Emergency is a Special State of Prevention of the Spread of the Epidemic, Not a State of Panic and Discouragement

Basilica News Agency – 18/3/2020

The Romanian Orthodox Church is gradually and responsibly adapting, depending on the evolution of the situation caused by the epidemic, as all the important institutions in the country do, respecting and promoting in the public space the recommendations of the state authorities.

The Church is not only an institution of public utility but also a community of living faith, merciful love and holy hope, virtues that must be manifested especially in times of great trials. In this context, the Church makes a parental call to all its faithful to trust the authorities and to abide by the measures instituted by them.

The Romanian Orthodox Church calls on all the servants of the Holy Altars and all its faithful to cultivate the peace of the soul through prayer and communion with fellow human beings through good deeds while avoiding panic.

Let us show love and solidarity to the elderly, to those in isolation or quarantine, as well as special care for the health of those around us. Let us show particular gratefulness to the doctors in hospitals who defend and cultivate the health of the body, and also to the priests in the churches, who protect and cultivate the health of the soul. Let us have full confidence in the power of prayer, knowing that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him ” (Romans 8:28).

Peace of the soul, the kindness of the heart, communion in prayer and cooperation in good deeds can work wonders, transforming fear into courage and hope.

Therefore, every prayer and good deed are a source of spiritual power to overcome the trials we are subjected to, but also to advance spiritually toward the feast of the Resurrection.

Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

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