The St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University opened its doors to new students

February 2014

Moscow: On 9th  February 2014, the St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University organized its annual Open Day, where future freshmen got acquainted with the offer of one of the most important Orthodox institutions of Higher Education in Russia, for thirty years  now successfully joining both secular and religious teaching.

Father Alexey Emelyanov, dean of the Faculty of Sacred Music, held a brief speech about tasks, values, and objectives of the educational activity at the St. Tikhon’s University. He reminded the public how the institution has created the biggest  database in the world dedicated to the people who suffered for their Christian  faith during the years of the Soviet persecution. A documentary about its history was shown after an introduction of Ekaterina Egorova, director of the Pre-University Preparatory Department, while at the end of the event the choir gave a brief concert. Afterwards, people were given the possibility to ask the staff specific questions about courses.

By the 15th February on the Russian version of our site you will find a list of the Bachelor and Master degree offered in the forthcoming academic year, together with the tests required for each of them. Admission rules will be available by the end of March. In the same days an English version of the information will be given as well.