The President of the Republic of Macedonia on a visit to the Romanian Patriarchate

On 7 October 2011, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel received, at the Patriarchal Residence, His Excellency Mr. Gjorge Ivanov, President of Macedonia Republic, who is on an official visit to Romania. Mr. President Gjorge Ivanov thanked for reception and conveyed the Patriarch of Romania the message of esteem of the Orthodox Church of Macedonia Republic. Further on, the President of Macedonia Republic made a short presentation of the history of the Romanian – Macedonian relations, as well as of the church traditional connections. In this context, His Excellency underlined the dynamics of the present church life in Macedonia Republic.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel appreciated the interest and involvement of Mr. President Gjorge Ivanov in the affirmation of the Christian identity of the Macedonian people whom he represents. At the same time, the Patriarch of Romania pointed out the inter-orthodox co-operation for defending and promoting the Christian values in the contemporary society affected by the economical crisis, based on a deep spiritual crisis. In this sense, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel pleaded for intensifying the cultural and spiritual exchange between the two peoples Orthodox in their majority, through pilgrimages to the monasteries and churches of Romania and of Macedonia as well.

During the meeting, also emphasised was the importance of the permanent dialogue and fraternal co-operation among the Orthodox faithful for a common witness in Europe.