The Polish Orthodox Church Will Return to the Old Calendar in June

March 28, 2014. PRAVMIR. The Polish  Orthodox Church will return to the Julian calendar. This decision was taken  during the spring session of the Council of Bishops, which took place on March  18 at the residence of Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and All Poland.

The decision was taken due to the fact that most of parishes of the Polish  Orthodox Church (96%) celebrate church holidays on the Old Calendar. Thus, the  Council canceled the decree of April 12, 1924, that introduced the New Calendar  into the Polish Church, writes the Orthodox website Sedmitza.

According to the decree, the Church will return to the Old Calendar on June  15, 2014. The Council stated that parishes wishing to conduct services on the  New Calendar may still do so.

The Council also reviewed the matter of bringing to the country the relics of  St. Mary Magdalene, who is considered the patron saint of the Polish Church. The  Metropolitan Cathedral in Warsaw is named in her honor, as is the main church  ceremonial order. Her holy relics will be in Warsaw from August 16-23, 2014.