‘The Pearl of Great Price’ – the Journey of Veronica Hughes from Rome to Orthodoxy


OCP News Service – 21/1/18

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Pearl of Great Price is an inspiring book penned by author Veronica Hughes who converted from Roman Catholicism to Orthodox Christianity. The book opened to rave reviews. Veronica Hughes has been a featured guest on Ancient Faith Radio and Orthodox Christian Network.

“I wrote this my Pearl for those who are seeking “the peace that passes all understanding” and has unresolved issues with the Catholic Church, Protestant religions or Christianity in general. How many years of my life did I spend searching for the truth? I never would have imagined that after rejecting Christianity in my late teens I would have ever come back to Christ, but I did and I have found what I was seeking.” – Veronica Hughes.


The Pearl of Great Price, is the Journey of a New Age Seeker to the Light of Christ and the Eastern Orthodox Church, is especially good for people caught in the net of the New Age Movement and Eastern religions, who are searching and inclining towards Christ.


The second and newly published book, In Christ, I am a New Creation, Part I, Taking up my Cross, is helpful for those who are struggling to understand the spiritual path of the Orthodox Church, especially with regards to finding Christ through our suffering. Both are autobiographical, weaving my experiences, as the author has struggled to find Christ in my heart, with the teachings of the Holy Fathers of our Church.

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