“The Patriarchate Is not Responsible for the Death of the Journalist” Georgian Orthodox Spokesperson  

Pic - https://www.facebook.com/civil.ge

Pic – https://www.facebook.com/civil.ge

OCP News Service – 14/7/21

Tiblisi-Georgia: Archpriest Andria Jagmaidze, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Georgian Orthodox Church stated that the Patriarchate is not responsible for the death of the Priveli TV Cameraman Aleksandre (Lekso). The Church does not encourage violence stated the Archpriest. He also added that the Orthodox priest who took part in the violence against the Pride Parade will be held accountable if proved.

Orthodox Clergy and Right-Wing Activists Attack LGBT Offices in Georgia

The Georgian released a condolences statement in response to the death of the Cameraman. Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II of All Georgia extended his condolences by stating that “Child’s death is deeply tragic and painful. We pray for him, for his immortal soul,”.

Aleksandre (Lekso) was found dead on the 11th of July 2021, six days after the attack of the right-wing mob attacked him while covering the LGBT pride parade in Tiblisi.

OCP News Service