The Patriarch of Romania Visited the Exhibition Entitled “Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland”


On 19 September 2013, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, visited the photographic exhibition entitled “Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland”, opened at the Patriarchate Palace.

“It is an exhibition of great photographic artistic value. One can easily notice the overlap between the grace light on the people’s faces and the light and beauty of the nature around. There is a common element characteristic of this exhibition, of the transfigured nature, of the creation opened to the Kingdom of God, of the people’s familiarity with the presence of God, not only in the Church, but also outside it, in the nature, in the beautiful landscapes the pilgrims meet. We can also organise, especially for the Romanian Diaspora, such an event designed to remind our most beautiful monasteries to those who knew them once, and to present them to the young ones, especially to those born abroad who need to know ever since childhood, the most beautiful images of our Romanian monasteries, churches and cathedrals”, His Beatitude said.

On this occasion, the Director of Basilica Press Centre, Rev. Counsellor Nicolae Dascalu conveyed the organisers’ thanks and gratitude for the blessing given to organise this exhibition in Europa Christiana Hall of the Patriarchate Palace. Rev. Nicolae Dascalu has also offered the album entitled “Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland” to the Patriarch of Romania, on behalf of Mr Alexander Vasiliuc from Orthpfoto, as a sign of gratitude and thanksgiving.

“OrthNet” Association of the faithful of the Orthodox Church of Poland, together with Filos Group have organised the photographic exhibition “Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland”, at the Patriarchate Palace, opened on 16 September 2013, in Europa Christiana hall of the Patriarchate Palace.

OrthPhoto project, set up in 2004, is the largest database of Orthodox photographs, including snapshots from more than 70 countries all over the world.