‘The Path to Oikonomia’ Trending Among the Top 100 in Two Categories of all Orthodox Christian Books

OCP News Service – 30/6/21

Purschase from Amazon

USA: Since its publication in July 2020, the new book The Path to Oikonomia with Jesus Christ as Our Lighthouse written by OCP delegate Dr John G. Panagiotou has reached significant milestones on Amazon distribution. It reached #1 in the New Releases on Christian Orthodoxy category, #1 in the New Releases on Christian Stewardship category, and also became the top 100 Best Sellers category in both Christian Orthodoxy and Christian Stewardship. Dr Panagiotou is the first Orthodox Christian author to reach these milestones in these categories that have as mainstays well-known authors such as the Evangelical Protestant radio host Dave Ramsey and the Presbyterian minister Timothy Keller.

As of June 2021, on Amazon, the book is still in the top 100 in two categories of all Orthodox Christian books and all Christian Stewardship books to date.

OCP News Service