“The Path to Independence was Won at the Cost of Thousands of Lives” – Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria

Pic - https://bg-patriarshia.bg/news/355374

Pic – https://bg-patriarshia.bg/news/355374

OCP News Service – 5/3/21

Sofia-Bulgaria: His Holiness  Neophyte -Patriarch of Bulgaria on the anniversary of the Day of the Liberation of Bulgaria (3/3/21) stated that “the path to independence was not easy, it was won at the cost of thousands of lives. Having always remembered this fact, we appreciate and preserve this sacred achievement. We are thankful that today our people enjoy the opportunity to build their present and future independently, deciding their destinies in accordance only with their own goals and aspirations.

We thank God again and all those who gave their strength and life for our Liberation, and once again declare our determination to defend this freedom at all costs. It is our responsibility to keep the covenants of our ancestors sacred, which has been outlined over the centuries. We must preserve the freedom of our homeland.

OCP News Service