The Orthodox Dilemma: New Pan-Orthodox Christian Book from the House of OCP


Dept. of Publications- OCP News Service- 9/5/16

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Global: OCP books, the publishing division of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) is proud to present our new Pan-Orthodox Christian Publication Titled ‘The Orthodox Dilemma- Personal Reflections on Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar Unity. This Unique book is first of its kind to call for the creation of an extensive global platform for all Orthodox Churches.

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About the Book
The Orthodox Dilemma consists of personal reflections on global Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity. The work focuses on the need for establishing sacramental communion between the Eastern, Oriental and other families of Orthodox Churches. The author calls to create a common conciliar platform for Orthodox Churches and to establish dialogues between Eastern, Oriental, Old Believes, Old Calendar, Non-canonical, Unrecognized and New Generation Orthodox Churches. This may be the first book of its kind to call for the creation of a global platform for all Orthodox Christians.


“A moving book that depicts a passionate plea for a new conciliar approach to unity between all Orthodox Churches”- The Lausanne- Orthodox Initiative (LOI). 

“I greatly recommend The Orthodox Dilemma to both the scholar and the novice for one to gain a broader appreciation of the beautiful flavors of unique variety that exists within Orthodox Christianity”- John G. Panagiotou – Touch Stone Magazine ( Also published in American Orthodox Institute and Orthodox Christian Laity.).

“Revelatory and timely, especially in a Period Riddled with Internecine Violence and Religious Tribalism” – Dr. Glenville Ashby – San Francisco Book Review.

“If Orthodoxy ignores Alexander’s concerns for healing inner schisms, it will only be at the cost of the sacred analogy Orthodoxy holds very dear” – Bradley R. Cochran – (

“The ‘Orthodox Dilemma’ deserves high appreciation for reminding the hierarchy about the real need of strengthening the foundation of their acceptance by the people of God together with divinely granted authority being successors of the Holy Apostles “- Fr. Dr. Jossi Jacob- Faculty- Holy Trinity Theological University College – Addis Ababa- Ethiopia

“The Orthodox Dilemma is a passionate & heartfelt plea for Orthodox Churches everywhere, but especially at the local level, to find a personal way – demonstrating basic Christian principles – to get along” – Joel Dennstedt- Readers Favorite.

“The book is written in a personal style, and is refreshing in a sense that it does not split theological hairs, but speaks to the heart of Orthodox Christians.” – Dina Blokland – Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

“The Orthodox Dilemma is a clearly focused, prophetically articulated and uniquely challenging book.” FrDr. Jacob Kurien – Theologian, Author, Academician and former Principal of the Orthodox Theological Seminary (India).

“The ‘Orthodox Dilemma’ echoes innocent and rightful questions on the unity of the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and gives mature reflections, suggestions and an honest call for global Pan-orthodox Christian conciliar unity” – Dr. Wa’el Adnan Jabbour – Faithful of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch & All-East (Latakia- Syria).

“Enthusiastic and Sincere Quest on Orthodox Christian Unity” – Fr Thomas Ninan- M. Th. Priest of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church.

“All in all, a very enjoyable and important read, I highly recommend it” – John Tsambazis – Award Winning Executive Producer at Clapstick Pictures.

“This book is a much-needed piece in the broader “puzzle” which will help to make our struggle for Orthodox Unity become a reality” – Joslyn Ramey, Orthodox Writer, Photography, and travel Expert.

“This book is an exciting introduction to the amazing attempts made by a committed Orthodox Christian for the unity of the Orthodox churches” – John Kunnathu – Orthodox Author and Academician.

ISBN- 9781329629783
Edition – First Edition
Publisher – OCP Publications
Published- April 16, 2016
Language – English
Pages – 216
Binding- Perfect-bound Paperback
Genre- Pan-Orthodox Christian Studies

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