The opening of the new club “PSTGU-Serbia” took place at St. Tikhon’s University

May 2014

On 16th May 2014, in the Conference Room of the St. Tikhon Orthodox University in Moscow was inaugurated the club for the friendship among Russia and Serbia “PSTGU-Serbia”, whose birth has been made possible by the effort of the office for International Relations on the basis of the long-lasting relations the University has with several Serbian academic and cultural institution.

Representatives of different Serbian realities attended the inauguration that was introduced by a brief speech held by father Georgy Orekhanov, vice-rector for International Relations at St. Tikhon’s. Among the guests there were Slavenko Terzic, Serb Ambassador to Russia, Dragan Stanoevich, president of the Parliament of the Serbian diaspora and founder of the community “Sveti Sava”, and Goran Maksimovich, dean of the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Nish.

The public was offered a rich cultural program, thanks to the male and female choirs of St. Tikhon Theological Faculty, the chamber choir of the Moskovsky fiziko-tekhnichesky Institut, the Serbian dance group “Tamo daleko”. Ariadna Aleksandrovna Voronova, teacher of Sacred Arts, held a brief lesson about the history of Serbian architecture, while Ilya Ermolkin, a schoolboy, prepared a touching slide show about Serbia, “Prekrasnaya Strana” [wonderful country]. Students from the Philological faculty told the public about St. Tikhon Orthodox University in Serbian.

Promoters are convinced that this club could help the development of the partnership between St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University and the most important cultural and academic institutions in Serbia. Facts seem to support such a hypothesis: after the meeting between prof. Terzic and father Vladimir a cooperation agreement was signed last year between PSTGU and the University of Belgrado, while another one was signed on the same 16th May, right before the inauguration, with the University of Nish.