The National Museum: Constantine the Great and the Edict of Milan 313


One of central events which marks seventeen centuries since the official recognition of the Christianity is the exposition “Constantine the Great and the Edic of Milan 313. The birth of Christianity in Roman provinces in the territory of Serbia”, which was opened on July 2nd at the National Museum in Belgrade. More than 180 artifacts are on display, produced since the second century A.D.

These are archeological and numismatic items found in the territory of Serbia and  preserved in ten Serbian museums. Some of the displayed items as bronze heads of Constantine the Great and Galerius, helmets from Berkasovo, imperial jewelry from Sarkamen are famous in the world. The exhibition is divided into several thematic parts which cover several periods: before tetrarchy, tetrarchy, period of the rule of Constantine the Great and his successors. Particularly important are artifacts that indicate changes in iconography introduced by Christianity. The exhibition will be opened until September 8th.

This exhibition was opened at the amphitheater of the National Museum in attendance of several hundreds of visitors. Among them, His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, and Bishop Atanasije of Bihac-Petrovac, Minister of Culture and Information Mr. Bratislav Petkovic were present, as well as representatives of religious communities and many well-known personalities from cultural and public life of the Serbian capital.