The meeting of His Beatitude John X with the General Assembly Secretariat of the Orthodox Youth Movement

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East – 28/11/16

His Beatitude John X meets with the General Secretariat of the Orthodox Youth Movement
Nov. 24 – 2016-11-25

The meeting which took place in the beginning of the yearly assembly of the orthodox youth movement, was inaugurated by His Beatitude John X at the evening Vespers at the patriarchal monastery at Balamand.
After Vespers, all the participants in the meeting moved to St. John Damascene school of Theology at Balamand.

After the word delivered by the secretary general of the orthodox youth movement Mr. Fadi Nasr, His Beatitude John X addressed the audience on “Revival and Renewal in Christmas Liturgy”. And his beatitude wished all the participants success and prosperity in their service.

In the end of the speech, “The Antiochan Guide book of 2017 prepared by the patriarchate of Antioch was distributed to all the participants. This guide book includes a guide to the liturgical services besides the addresses of the bishoprics and all the institutions and commissions of the seat of Antioch.