The Malankara Church Opens First Congregation in Poland 

OCP News Service – 1/02/2019

Warsaw-Poland: The ancient Orthodox Church of Malankara has opened its first congregation in Poland. With the blessing of  Metropolitan Mathews Mar Timotheos of UK and Europe, Divine Liturgy was served by Rev Fr. Ninan V George. The permission for the Malankara Liturgical Service at St. Gregory Peradze was granted by His Beatitude Sawa – Archbishop of Warsaw and Metropolitan of All Poland.

The Ancient Malankara Church Establish Congregations in Georgia and France

“Another blessed and Proud moment for Indian Orthodox Church and Diocese of UK – Europe & Africa. A new congregation has started in Warsaw, Poland. First time in the history of Malankara Orthodox Church a Holy Qurbana was celebrated in Poland. By the grace of God Almighty I got that rare privilege to celebrate the Holy Qurbana (Divine Liturgy) at the St. Gregory Peradze Poland Orthodox Church, Warsaw, Poland on the 30 January 2019.

Our sincere Thanks to H.G Dr.Mathews Mar Thimothios for all the moral support and leadership for doing the same. Special thanks go to Mr.Shaino George and Family for their wonderful support to materialize this long cherished dream. We appreciate the prayerful presence and support of Mr.Saji Varghese (PRO UK Europe Diocese) and Mr.John Mathew, Ireland( Council MemberUK Europe Diocese).

We place on record our Sincere thanks to the Bishop, His Beatitude Sawa, Archbishop of Warsaw and Metropolitan of All Poland and head of the autocephalous Church of Poland for allowing us to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in one of his Parishes.” – Fr. Nina V George.

The ancient Orthodox Church of Malankara was established by St. Thomas the Apostle of Christ. The Primate of the Malankara Orthodox Church (Orthodox Syrian Church of the East) is the Chief of the Office of the Catholicate of the East, who is seated on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas. His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II is the current Catholicos on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas in the East and the Metropolitan of Malankara.

OCP News Service