‘The Malankara Church Existed From the Beginning of Christianity’ – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

Photo- https://foto.patriarchia.ru/

Photo- https://foto.patriarchia.ru/

OCP News Service – 5/9/19

Moscow-Russia: During the meeting with Catholicos Baselios Paulose II of the East, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow stated that “It used to be a discovery for many people that there is a strong Christian community in India, which did not appear as a result of Western mission, but existed from the very beginning of Christianity: the Apostolic time”, reported Tass.ru, the largest Russian news agency. The same was reported by Pravmir.ru  (the most visited Orthodox Christian website in Russia today).

‘A Native Church Existed in Malankara before the Arrival of Foreign Christianity’ – Catholicos of the East

Rg.ru the Russian state news paper reported that Patriarch Kirill emphasized that the origin of Malankara Church was not as a result of the Western or foreign missions, but existed from the very beginning of Christianity, founded by the apostle of Christ. Rg.ru report also stated details on the sufferings of the Malankara Nasrani Christians by the hands of European colonial missionaries.

Historic Meeting Between Catholicos Baselios Paulose II and Patriarch Kirill Convened in Moscow

In response, Catholicos Baselios Paulose II responded that “With the intercession of Apostle Andrew and all the saints, your Church has become a spiritual source for the entire world. As for us, Saint Thomas has opened a path to Christ,” said the Primate of the Malankara Church.

The Primate of Malankara Nasranis In Russia After Four Decades

Patriarch Krill received Catholicos Baselios Paulose II at the Danilov Monastery on 4th September 2019. Catholicos Baselios Paulose II is the first Primate of Malankara Nasrani Church to visit Russia during the past four decades.

Recent research efforts by the Center for Orthodox Studies (COS) under the leadership of Geevan Philip has come up with new findings on the Pre-Nestorian, Pre-Portuguese, Pre-Syriac history of the Malankara Church.

St. Thomas & the Native Judeo-Dravidian Malankara Nasrani Church – A Brief Overview

Malankara Nasranieth, Malankara Moopan, and Pallivanaperumal – A Brief Discourse

The ancient Orthodox Church of Malankara was established by St. Thomas the Apostle of Christ. The Primate of the Malankara Orthodox Church (Orthodox Syrian Church of the East) is the Chief of the Office of the Catholicate of the East, who is seated on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas. The Primate is also the Chief Custodian of the Malankara Nazaranieth. The Indian Orthodox Malankara Church is an integral part of the Oriental Orthodox communion together with Coptic, Syriac, Armenian, Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox of Churches.

‘The Malankara Church is Truly National, and She Makes Me Proud’- Author Rohit Gupta

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