The First Serbian Benevolent Society’s Slava in Colma, CA

Church of Serbia – 27/8/19

On Saturday, August 24 Bishop Maxim traveled to the Serbian Cemetery in the City of Colma near San Francisco to celebrate the Slava (the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos) of the First Serbian Benevolent Society (FSBS).

This organization was established in 1880 in San Francisco, California. The church dedicated to the Mother of God was built in 1929.  The first St. Sava celebration in the U.S. was in 1881. His Grace Russian Bishop Nestor sent an archimandrite, a priest, and two singers to represent him and the consistory at this first Serbian social event in America. The majority of well-known representatives of the Slavic community also attended. In 1901, Russian Bishop Tihon and Serbian priest Sebastian Dabovich consecrated the new Serbian cemetery.

Concelebrating to bishop Maxim were priests Slobodan Jovic, Vasilije Cvijanovic, Djurica Gordic, hieromonk Vasilije Gavrilovic and Deacon Vladan Radovanovic. Fr Dushan Bunjevic also attended the service.

The liturgy was followed by the cutting of the Slava Kolach on the occasion of the FSBS Slava.

With God’s help, FSBS will plan to paint frescoes in the chapel, preparing for great jubilee 140th anniversary, which will be celebrated next year.

The same evening, Bishop Sergije of Bihaca and Petrovac joined Vladika Maxim at Vespers service at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Fair Oaks. The service was celebrated by hieromonk Vasilije Gavrilovic and Deacon Vladan Radovanovic, with Bishop Sergije presiding from the throne. At the conclusion of the service, the two bishops exchanged greetings and stressed out the importance of inter-episcopal concelebration.

On Sunday, August 30th the Hierarchical Liturgy will be celebrated at this church with four hierarchs celebrating, Bishop David od Stobi (Archdiocese of Ohrid), Bishop Sergije of Bihac and Petrovac, Bishop Dimitrije of Zahumlje and Herzegovina, and Bishop Maxim of Western America.