The Fellowship of Orthodox Intellectuals’ Assembly Held in Tirana

The Fellowship of Orthodox Intellectuals’ Assembly Was Held – October 2014

The Assembly of the Fellowship of Albanian Orthodox Intellectuals, comprised of over 400 higher education graduates and active members of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania, coming from different cities throughout the country, gathered on Saturday, October 11, in the Cultural Center of the “Resurrection of Christ” Cathedral of Tirana. The Fellowship operates under the Statutes of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania and its goals are the spiritual cultivation of its members, the development of interpersonal relations, witness of the Orthodox truth, social service, and to support people in need, etc.

The opening speech was given by Archbishop Anastasios, who spoke on the topic “The Religious Quest in Europe. The Importance of Creative Minorities”. Among other things, he stressed that, “… In order for the Orthodox Church to respond to its historic role and contribute to the spiritual progress of Albania and beyond, first of all it needs to be faithful to its mystical-sotiriological character. To remain what it is essentially, the “Ark of Truth” – which the Trinitarian God revealed – the manifestation of the mystery of the economy of God in Christ through the Holy Spirit. It is the place where human metamorphosis takes place, the overcoming of the existential anxiety, and its union with the God of love. This is the Orthodoxy we should represent in Albania and around the world. Let’s not worry that we are not the majority. What is required is to become a creative core that will help our country, that will reveal and develop the best elements of European heritage and that will move toward a new spiritual prosperity.”

There followed four lectures given by members of the Fellowship: By Prof. Dr. Robert Andoni, “Prominent Orthodox Doctors”; by Anastasia Pite, “Orthodox Women and Faith”, by Prof. Dr. Piro Prifti, “Features of Religious Coexistence”, and by Dr. Dritan Shano, “The Economic Developments and the Challenges that We Face.” The event continued with discussions, in which concrete proposals were made for the future of the Fellowship.

During the Assembly, the members of its Executive Committee were chosen, in a completely transparent procedure, from a list of candidates that were nominated directly by the members of the Fellowship during the voting process (separated into four groups; the Archdiocese and three Metropolises).

During the time of the lectures, the counting of votes was completed and then the results were announced. In the Executive Committee four members of Archdiocese and three members for each metropolis (eight of the 13 members are men and five are women) were elected.

The Fellowship expressed clearly the need for active and creative participation of the Orthodox Christians who have a university education in the life of our Church, within contemporary Albanian society.

The Press Office of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania