The Feast of St Gregorious of Parumala –2016 (the first canonized Indian Saint)

Dr. Ajesh T Phllip (OCP Delegate of the Indian Sub-Continent)
OCP News Service – 1/11/16

Live Broadcast:

India/Kerala/Parumala: The Annual Feast of St Gregorious of Parumala the first canonized Indian saint will be held in the month of November at the St. Peters and St Paul’s Church. The feast days are from October 26th to 3rd of November 2016.

Huge processions are part of the annual feast. Every year, the feast of St Gregory attracts millions of people irrespective of their religious affiliation.

St Gregorios was the first canonized Indian Saint and is well known for his miraculous powers. Many faithful intercede on behalf of the great saint of Parumala. He is much revered in Indian and Syriac Orthodox Churches as well as in Ethiopian and Coptic Orthodox Churches.

OCP Foundation produced one of the first ever icons of St Gregorious and it remains as a symbol of Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar unity. The icon was written Byzantine Orthodox monks and the original is preserved at the residence of the OCP Chancellor in Chicago. OCP Foundation has honored several personalities with the icon of St Gregorious.

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