The Ethiopian Inter-religious Council Organize Nationwide Prayer and Fasting Week

Menetasnot Desta – Delegate of Horn of Africa & Head of Ethiopian Affairs – OCP News Service – 20/4/21

Addis Abab – Ethiopia: The Ethiopian Orthodox Church and other predominant religious communities  (Islamic Community, Roman Catholic, Seventh-day Adventist, Evangelical council /Protestant/, Mekane Eyesus /Protestant/ and Kale Hiwot /Protestant/) have organised a nationwide prayer and fasting week across the country from 16th to 23ed of April 2021 under the auspicious of the Ethiopian interreligious council.

According to Fr Tagay Tadele, the general secretary of the interreligious council, the prayer has been organised to request divine intervention in the ongoing crisis in Ethiopia, including Covid -9, conflicts and their miserable results across the country, border-related disputes with Sudan, a disagreement on EGRD /Ethiopian dam on the Nile with Sudan and Egypt, and the upcoming election (2021). As per his statement, the prayer and forgiveness week is special as it is being held during the Lent of Ethiopian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches and also during the month of Ramadan of Islamic communities.

At the official opening ceremony, H.G Abune Ermias (Archbishop of Northern and South Wello and Oromo Special Zone dioceses) and a delegate of H.H Patriarch Abuna Mathias stated that the faithful should return back to the ways of God. The Archbishop strongly underlined the need for unity, forgiveness, patriotism and love for one another.

H.E Mrs Sahle-Work Zewde, the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia/ President thanked the commitment of the interreligious council during her speech as well.

OCP News Service