The Cypriot Orthodox Church Slams ‘El Diablo’ (“The Devil”) Song

Pic - Youtube

Pic – Youtube

OCP News Service – 3/3/21

Nicosia-Cyprus: The Synod of the Church of Cyprus has urged the government of Cyprus to halt the song titled “El Diablo” (“The Devil”), which has been chosen by the broadcaster CyBC to be performed in the Eurovision song contest.

The song was performed by Greek singer Elena Tsagrinou. It was labelled as “satanic” by some faithful and CyBC has received several threats over their decision to choose the song for the Eurovision contest. However, CyBC stated that they have no intention to replace the song.

The Synod of the Church of Cyprus expressed their disappointment with the position of the broadcaster. “We call on the government, which appoints the board of directors [of the broadcaster] and to which it is accountable, to take care of cancelling the selection of a particular song and replacing it with another that reflects our history, culture, traditions and aspirations,” the Holy Synod stated on Tuesday.

OCP News Service