The cross is the sign of love which defeats sin and death

Romanian Orthodox Church

On Sunday, 9 September 2012, when the Church celebrates Saints Ioachim and Ana, the faithful of Mizil, county of Prahova, had His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church as their guest. On this feast day, the Patriarch of Romania celebrated the consecration service of the place of worship with Saints Ioachim and Ana as saint patrons, and then the Divine Liturgy assisted by a group of priests and deacons.

The Cross is the sign of love and communion, the sign of hope and of the salvation of our souls – His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel showed in the sermon addressed to those present at the Divine Liturgy.

His Beatitude has also shown the need to worship the Holy Life Giving Cross.

“The cross is the sign of love which defeats sin and death, which gives hope. This love is preached by the Church through the sign of the cross which can be seen on the places of worship, on the priests’ vestments, on the vestments of the Holy Altar, on the liturgical vessels, on the doors of the Christians’ houses, as well as on the gates at the entrance into the yard. The cross is on the graves of our dear ones showing that our prayers for them at their graves are stronger than oblivion, death, stronger than the space and time which separate. The cross put on the graves of those passed away is a sign of waiting of the great encounter of all people in the love of Christ at His second coming when He comes in glory to judge the living and the dead, whose Kingdom will never end”, His Beatitude said, according to Trinitas Radio station.

Today too, our Church celebrates Saints Ioachim and Ana, parents of the Mother of God, who are a model of parents worthy to follow. Today we must remember especially our parents and the lonely helpless ones too – His Beatitude showed in the sermon delivered in Mizil city, county of Prahova.

“The Church teaches us never forget either our parents or the parents of our dear ones, to honour the parents because it is from this honour that the blessing comes according to the Holy Scriptures. Parents ought to love their children and the children to love their parents and then the blessing of God is changed into joy, into dignity”, His Beatitude said.

Today, the parish priest was awarded the rank of iconom stavrofor as a result of the efforts made for building and bedecking this place of worship. All those who supported the works of the church were awarded diplomas of worthiness on the occasion, according to Trinitas TV.

The foundation stone of the place of worship consecrated today was laid on 24 September 2006.