The consulus general of The U.S.A. and Russia visit the Patriarch of Alexandria

Patriarcate of Alexandria – Augsut 2016

On the 2nd and 4rd of August 2016, His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa received at the Patriarchal See the visits of the Consuls General of the U.S.A. Mr. Stephen Fakan and of Russia Mr. Rachid Sadikov, respectively and had lengthy and constructive discussions with them.

Specifically, once he had presented to Mr. Stephen Fakan the Missionary efforts of the Patriarchate on the African Continent, he expressed his gratitude to the various Associations from America who in many varied ways support the Missionary work, and also mentioned the fact that many Africans have studied in the Unites States and following their studies are serving in the local Churches of their home countries as priests and Hierarchs.

Also, His Beatitude expressed his desire to collaborate with the Consulate General of the U. S.A. regarding the Patriarchal Library and its promotion, as well as the importance of preserving the manuscripts available, and in turn the Hon. Consul General assured him that he would provide all possible assistance in this regard.

On the following day, the Alexandrian Primate had the opportunity of speaking with the Consul General of Russia Mr. Rachid Sadikov and the Consul Mr. Gennady Babich about the topics of the day, the deliberations and conclusions of the Great Synod in Crete as well as the future arrival of 3000 Russian workers in El Alamein, to contribute to the industrial development of the region within the framework of cooperation between Russia and Egypt. In conclusion, His Beatitude stressed the readiness of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to serve the spiritual needs of the Russian Orthodox citizens in Egypt.

In the afternoon of the same day, in the Church of the Patriarchal Monastery of St Savvas the Sanctified of Alexandria, following the Supplicatory Canon to the Theotokos and before the Honorable Consul General of Greece Mr. EMM. Kakavelakis and many faithful, with deep emotion His Beatitude bade farewell and God speed Archimandrite Raphael Korovesis, who served the Patriarchate as Parish Priest of the Holy Church of the Annunication in Alexandria and who, by His order, will continue his ministry in the Holy Metropolis of Johannesburg in South Africa.