The church is open for you in our national and spiritual values of the World


August 24, The Holy Catholicos Karekin II, the Armenian General Benevolent Union “Discover Armenian” and “country life” members of youth groups in the United States, France, Belgium, Syria and other countries young people in communities throughout the country participate in various charity projects in different regions of Armenia, the Holy See the information system.

Expressing his joy on the young people meeting with His Holiness expressed his satisfaction that the Young great sacrifice in bringing together different countries, so they know their homeland, the axes and the difficulties and, try to understand how and to what extent the country will be able to participate in the construction of and progress.

His Holiness, to young people, particularly noted. “The church is open for you that most of our national and spiritual values of the world, because these values for centuries, our people’s spirit, character, our people, hopes and dreams of creating the Church under the leadership of the Church’s blessing, and not accidental , so that our nation’s children are the Church, like the Church because the Church is the guarantee of their identity and existence, and you should be aware and powerful way of contact, deal with your commitment to keep the Church alive in prayer ¨ your energy. powerful hold of the Armenian Apostolic Church, “His Holiness said, adding that it self-deception, one that can be full of worthy heir of his ancestors, to stay away from his church, his fathers’ faith, their spiritual values and its national religious practices.

His Holiness being more young people to visit the church, involvement in church life and church life of subservience to the Armenian people.