The Blessing of the Cross in Nashville

Church of Serbia – 5/3/17

On Cheese-Fare Sunday, February 26, on the holy day of St. Simeon Mirotocivi, and with the blessing of His Grace Bishop of New Grancancia and Midwest Diocese Longin, parish priest Fr. Aleksandar Vujkovic blessed the cross which will be placed atop the newly constructed cupola of the church sanctuary.

The liturgy with blessing of the cross was attended by the parishioners of St. Petka Nashville. Fr. Aleksandar reminded the parishioners that we’re also “remaking” ourselves in the process.

Fr. Aleksandar commented that with God’s blessings we’re able to rebuild our new church and that the cross which we are blessing should always remind us of God’s love toward us and of Christ’s suffering and victory of life over death.

The work on the church began in November 2016, beginning with the demolition of the outer walls, their replacement, and installation of new windows. The work also includes the removal of the sanctuary ceiling and its strengthening, the construction of the cupola, the complete installation of a new electrical system, the sanding and refinishing of the hardwood floor, as well as additional internal and external activities. Our new Iconostas is in the process of being carved out, and the plan also includes the addition of a front portal with belfry.