Exclusive Snaps and Report from the Funeral Rites of Patriarch Abuna Paulose of Ethiopia(Updated)

        Rev Fr Jossy Jacob Solomon Mengist Addis Ababa OCP News Service 25/8/2012 Addis Ababa : The Late Patriarch of Ethiopia was laid to rest at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Addis Ababa on Thursday 23rd of August 2012. More than two lakh people flocked to the Cathedral compound to bid farewell to their beloved Patriarch. Delegations from sister Orthodox ...

Ethiopian Church to decide on the funeral dates of Patriarch Abuna Paulose

16/8/2012 OCP Exclusive Addis Ababa: It has been reported that the Ethiopian Holy Synod and Church leaders are to gather at the Capital city to decide the funeral dates of Patriarch Abune Paulose. A committee will be formed to lead the funeral rites. More info awaited. Source: OCP News Service