Armenian Orthodox Church of St. Saviour’s on Mt. Zion Renovated

Armenian Apostolic Patriarchate of Jerusalem  - 9/11/17 The Church of St. Saviour’s on Mount Zion is renovated and looks splendid. Last Saturday, October 28, Vespers were celebrated in St. Saviour’s, and the images in the church were anointed by His Beatitude Archbishop-Patriarch Nourhan Manougian of Jerusalem. Sunday, October 29 the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in St. Saviour’s. Source:

The Dormition of the Most-holy Theotokos

Church of Serbia - August 2016 The Lord Who, on Mount Sinai, gave the Fifth Commandment, Honor thy father and thy mother, showed by His own example how one should respect one’s parents. Hanging on the Cross in agony, He remembered His Mother, and indicating the Apostle John He said to her: Woman, behold thy son. After ...


An arson attack on a Greek Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem last week is one of a number of suspected hate crimes against Christians and Muslims in the area.

Christian Today - March 2015 Christians and Muslims living on Mount Zion have been the target of numerous hate crimes in recent years, but representatives from all three religions are taking a stand against the intolerance by repairing the mount's graveyards. Last week a Greek Orthodox Seminary on the mount was the site of an arson attack in ...