Seven Bishops Ordained for the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria

Amir Ramzi (OCP Delegate of Alexandria and Egypt) - OCP News Service - 7/3/21 Cairo-Egypt: Seven new Bishops were ordained by Pope Tawadros II for the Coptic Orthodox Church on Sunday 7th of March 2021. A large number of faithful and Prelates took part in the consecration ceremony. The details of the newly ordained Prelates are ...

‘Considered’ by N. Lygeros

Lygeros - 2/3/18 Considered to be the center of the Christianity in East Asia North Korea’ s Christian population  has been systematically massacred and persecuted or imprisoned in concentration camps to exterminate any trace of Mankind in this region that’s why we have to fight even now for the other innocent people who are in the camps  of death. Source: