Syrian-Christian Women’s Defensive Group Will Fight Against The Turkish Invasion in Northern Syria

Pic- HSNB aut Twitter

Pic- HSNB aut Twitter

Faruk Firat – (Editor Christian Affairs – the Levant and the Middle East) – OCP News Service – 10/11/2019

Istanbul-Tukey: Syrian-Christian Women’s Defensive group HSNB will fight against the Turkish army and its mercenaries in Northern Syria in order to protect the minorities in the region.

Assyrian (Syrian Christian) commander Nisha Gawriyeh of the Syrian-Christian women’s protection group HSNB in an interview stated:

“We are in grave danger. Another genocide is on its way to our Christian people. Turkish army and its jihadist mercenaries are a major threat to the Christian minority in northeastern Syria. Their attacks are similar to ISIS terrorists. They attack and kill our children and our women. Turkey is trying to repeat the 1915 genocide of Syrian Christians and Armenians! We will not allow jihadists to occupy our country and rape Assyrian, Arab, Armenian, Kurdish and Syrian women. We will resist and our women will resist the attacks and the occupation of the Turkish army in Syria! We will move to the front and protect the minorities in Syria! We will defend them until the Turkish invasion is completely prevented.”

Churches and Houses Destroyed – Christians, Kurds Flee Northern Syria

In recent days, Turkish and jihadist attacks against Christians, Aramaeans in the Assyrian region of Tell Tamr are on the rise. Many Christians have fled the region out of fear. The West, US, Europe, NATO, and Russia, etc. continue to monitor the Turkish invasion but refrain from preventing  Turkish attacks on Christians and Aramaeans in Syria. Instead, Christian women in Syria have decided to fight the Turkish army.

News Sources: HSNB aut Twitter, ANF

Faruk Firat-OCP News Service